In a highly competitive and specialized market, Aeroman has strongly positioned itself in the aviation industry for nearly 30 years through effort, dedication and innovation. The company was founded in 1983 as TACA’s division of maintenance, one of the biggest airlines in Latin America. Since then we have marked a successful trajectory which has been recognized by our customers, among them leading international airlines.

Focused on the best solutions for our customers, we have developed into an internationally recognized repair station. In 2007, while being among the region’s leaders, 80% of Aeroman was acquired by Aero Technical Support & Services Holdings, providing us the opportunity to offer more maintenance solutions for top airlines in the market. 

Timeline of Success

1983 Aeroman is established to provide maintenance services to TACA.
1984 Aeroman relocates operations to El Salvador building its first hangar at El Salvador International Airport.
1992 Aeroman is certified by the FAA as a repair station and begins to expand its maintenance services.
1994 Aeroman becomes the primary maintenance provider for the combined fleet of the new Central American company, Grupo TACA.
1996 Aeroman builds its second hangar with the capacity to provide simultaneous services to four aircrafts.
1998 Aeroman seeks for additional customers to offer its services.
2003 Aeroman is certified with ISO 9001:2000.
2004 Aeroman expands its services to North American airlines.
2005 Aeroman becomes a founding member of the Airbus MRO network.
2007 80% of Aeroman was acquired by Aero Technical Support & Services Holdings
2008 Aeroman builds two additional hangars, growing and expanding capacity to provide simultaneous services to six aircrafts.
2010 Aeroman’s facilities, approximately 294,541 ft.² of hangar, allow simultaneous services to seven narrow-body aircrafts.
2011 Aeroman expands its capacity to accommodate and provide simultaneous services to eight narrow-body aircrafts.
2012 Aeroman enables a new hangar, increasing its capacity to provide services to twelve aircrafts simultaneously.
2013 Aeroman celebrated its 30th anniversary of successful performance since its foundation in 1983